Finding excellent testers to fill a skills gap can be a time consuming, unrewarding process

TSG optimise the process reducing the amount of time that you need to invest

Testing Solutions Group Recruitment only recruit for organisations that need testers, that laser focus means that we completely understand what makes a good tester – at all levels

We optimise the process reducing the amount of time that you need to invest. You’ll work with highly experienced ISTQB Certified Testing Recruiters, with huge candidate networks who understand the market, technologies, candidates and employment law

By using our extensive database of potential candidates, we can reduce the risks and costs during the recruitment process, through adopting highly selective search methods, reducing the time to hire, and increasing the quality of the candidate

We invest our time, so you don't waste yours

Instead of bombarding you with CV’s, we will find the right people for the job so the hard work is done for you

We perform our own interview selection process onsite at TSG prior to submitting a candidate's CV to you. Applicants meet our Head of Recruitment and a senior testing practitioner to determine their suitability for your role, and because we know the requirements of testing inside out, are able to ensure that you spend your time interviewing strong, relevant, well-qualified candidates, not just people who satisfy a broadly written CV search of potential candidates

TSG recruitment actively pursue “Passive candidates”, not just those who are looking for a new opportunity, and have advertised that fact. That means that you don’t get candidates with many job offers on the go, which potentially means that you don’t have to compete against another employer offering a higher package. These are people  who are truly adding value to their existing organisation on a daily basis

We use our own, in-house developed weighting and scoring programme to help us determine a candidate’s suitability for a position

TSG recruitment can provide permanent, contract and interim resources recruitment

Testing is a specialist field – why employ a general purpose recruitment company?



  • 90% of candidates hired through us as temps, get offered permanent jobs where one is available

  • 96% of organisations who use us, come back for more candidates

And we’ve never had to issue a rebate due to poor candidate performance


If you need to fill a testing skills gap, talk to TSG recruitment, we are as specialised as you are.