About the Course

This is a 4 day hands on workshop, designed to provide a foundation in the technologies and programming languages used to create web-based systems.

It is aimed at testers working alongside programmers, perhaps in an Agile environment, who would like to be more hands-on in the creation of software.

The course will show and tell, and you will do. You will be writing your own programs from day one and the workshop will finish with you creating your own web-site from a given design.

Please note on this course you may be asked to bring a laptop.

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Intended Audience

The workshop is intended for those who work alongside developers, with a need to read, understand and write code in order to fully support the development effort.

This is particularly relevant to those working in Agile and DevOps environments, where there is an increased focus on technical skills of team members.

It assumes no prior knowledge of web technologies, but does require basic skills in using a computer.

Your end of course project will be to hand code a website with a database, to show off your hands-on skills.


This 4 day show, tell and do workshop providing a foundation in technologies and programming languages used in web development.

All too often technical and programming courses are delivered ‘bottom up’.  The course will usually start with the program ‘saying hello world’, then swiftly being exposed to variables, arrays and function statements.  The exhilaration of getting an output soon gives way to despair – what does it all mean, what do I do with it, why is the list of ‘things’ so long and how do I keep up?

Thus, the workshop will be delivered from top-down.  This means that the course will start with a fully functioning and current system, lifting the lid off the front end to show you the inner workings of the code.

The course will show you how the code reacts to inputs from you, in both the front and back end where relevant.

The course will explain in detail what the technical jargon means using everyday language so you can easily grasp the ideas and technology.  This will be done with you at the ready with a machine in front of you, trying things out as they are explained, so you can check your understanding there and then.

Once a system has been mapped out and an understanding of what each component does, moving on to the next tiny steps – no giant leaps for mankind here!  This will take you through the typical programming languages used to create each part of the functionality, always keeping the big picture in mind, so you do not get lost. This will be done one step at a time, with you seeing the effects of your code as you type.  Making mistakes is a great way to learn, so we are not seeking ‘right first time’.

In today’s world, there is plenty of ready-made code already available for us to reuse. The course will demonstrate and how to make use of them.


Day 1

  • The course will cover - website structure, clients, servers, databases and database management systems
  • The course will show - client-side scripting using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • We talk, you do - build our first website together
  • You do - set up of your website files for use tomorrow.

Day 2

  • You do - create and style your own website using HTML and CSSWe show - more on JavaScript
  • The course will cover - more on JavaScript
  • You do - add interaction to your pages using JavaScript.


Day 3

  • The course will cover - server-side programming using php
  • The course will cover - querying/manipulating databases using SQL
  • The course will show -
    • php in if…then…else constructs
    • php to manipulate text
    • php to send emails and text messages
    • php myadmin to create databases and tables
  • You do – use php, php myadmin and SQL to extend functionality of your website
  • You show - quiz to check understanding before tomorrow’s project.


Day 4

  • You do – hand code a website from a given design using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL:
    • Use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to create the front end
    • Use phpmyadmin to create a database
    • Use PHP for data manipulation
    • Use PHP/SQL to save data
    • Test and debug your code.
  • The course will show and tell XML – what it is and how it is used in a live website
  • Online resources allowing you to reuse software – a valuable toolkit in any development project.

There is no exam associated with this course.

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